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IFKAD 2017

Knowledge Management in the 21st Century: Resilience, Creativity and Co-creation

St. Petersburg, Russia - 7-9 June 2017


The 12th edition of the International Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics (IFKAD – 2017) addressed three key topics of knowledge management in the 21st century: resilience, creativity and co-creation. A key theme in economic and management research is explaining the strategic relevance of knowledge for firm competitiveness and how to turn knowledge into organizational value outcomes. Despite many advances in our understanding of how knowledge-based drivers contribute to organizational value creation and local development, there are fundamental issues to be addressed concerning the role of knowledge management in order to face the challenges of 21st century business landscape.

The purpose of IFKAD 2017 was to explore the role and the relevance of new sources, dimensions and characteristics of knowledge supporting organizations as well as regional and urban systems in their value creation dynamics, addressing particularly three key topics leading to the understanding and management of knowledge in the 21st century: resilience, creativity and co-creation. They increasingly represent fundamental features to cope with the increasing complexity and turbulence of today's business landscape.

The 12th International Forum on Knowledge Assets Dynamics brought together academicians, young researchers, practitioners and policy makers from different fields to provide an opportunity for presenting, debating and reflecting on original approaches, models and tools regarding the position of knowledge management in the 21st century from a wide range of perspectives – i.e. economic, social, environmental and cultural perspectives.


Theoretical, empirical and practitioner papers were invited addressing research topics as follows.

  • Knowledge management for 21st century organizations: characteristics, approaches and frameworks;
  • Knowledge value drivers and knowledge management processes: new theories and practices;
  • Knowledge management strategy for sustainable and inclusive growth of organizations and communities;
  • Knowledge management and innovation capacity;
  • Knowledge management and business model innovation;
  • Models, approaches, methods and tools to support creation, sharing, and exploitation of knowledge for sustainable value creation dynamics;
  • Knowledge management systems, ICT and digitalization;
  • Inter-organizational knowledge dynamics;
  • Knowledge management for entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and incubation;
  • Intellectual Capital Management: new evidences and applications;
  • Organizational learning;
  • Human resources management, collective intelligence and organizational design;
  • Knowledge, co-creation and organizational value: theories and practices;
  • Resilience and creativity for knowledge workers;
  • Arts-based management approaches and tools for knowledge management and organizational development;
  • Design thinking methods for innovation and knowledge creation and visualization;
  • Knowledge management and Intellectual Capital-based models for the sustainable and inclusive development of regions and cities;
  • Mechanisms of influence and characteristics of transnational learning on public policies;
  • Knowledge management and social innovation;
  • Knowledge management in education
  • Creative decisions in information management
  • Innovations in knowledge management


Carayannis, Elias - The George Washington University, USA
Guthrie, James - Macquarie University, AUS
Korniliev, Kirill - IBM, RUS
Leschenko, Vladimir - Rosatom, RUS

Full progam of IFKAD 2017 (pdf)

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